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Why Occupational Health & Safety?
Shawn's Story
Shawn Landry was a journeyman lineman who, after a workplace accident, decided a health and safety role would be the best fit. Drawing from the fallout of his own injury, he passionately wants to be part of the reason his peers make it home every day.
“I had an accident ... so I really wanted to take safety and what happened to me to heart ... and drive that engine forward.”
Recognizing the importance of accountability, Shawn knew he needed education to balance with his experience to earn the respect necessary for communicating effectively both up and down the line. ``The CHSEP program I found was the perfect way to get back into academics and was very non-threatening, especially for someone who’s worked front line for so long. It was ‘I can do this’ and ‘I have the tools to do it.’``
University of Fredericton's School of OHS Approach
Regulatory bodies are working to standardize how occupational health and safety is practiced in Canada. As the demand for OHS professionals continues to grow, elevated qualifications have been put in place to raise the standard of national OHS practice. To pursue professional certification, individuals must compliment their industry experience with professional development and education.
Returning to the classroom is daunting, committing time is a challenge, and choosing a program can be difficult. Most working professionals require flexibility more than anything, and UFred aims to accommodate that need with accessible, fully-online program delivery.
What Are You Interested in Pursuing?
At UFred we offer a wide range of fully-online OHS programs, from individual courses to certificates, diplomas and more
Individual Online OHS Courses
At UFred we offer a wide range of fully-online OHS courses. Whether you are looking to upgrade your education or are interested in advancing your knowledge in a specific area, students can select from any of our asynchronous OHS courses.
At UFred, we offer both self-paced courses and scheduled courses taught by professors. For scheduled courses, students attend weekly classes via a virtual classroom and interact in real-time with teachers and colleagues. Our online campus is accessible 24/7 from any internet-connected device, providing you with an education that fits into your busy schedule.
At UFred we are focused on student success. Once enroled in your course, you will be assigned a student support representative who will regularly communicate with you to ensure you have the resources you need to succeed.
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School of OHS Highlights
2018 Readers' Choice Winner: Best OHS Educational Institution
Fully-Online - No Travel or In-Person Requirements
OHS Courses are Designed by Leading Industry Experts
Certificate in Health, Safety & Environmental Processes (CHSEP)
The online Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental Processes (CHSEP) is the product of extensive collaboration with OSHE professionals in the workplace. This entire certificate program consists of self-paced material. Students can progress through the program at any time of day from home, work, or even on the road, which demands minimal compromise to their lifestyles.
All courses in UFred’s CHSEP program focus on a process-based approach to OHS concerns and solutions. The curriculum is not limited to a jurisdiction’s legislative framework; rather, it is a far-reaching collection of ‘best practices’ as identified by OHS professionals from a wide range of jurisdictions and legislative backgrounds.
12 Total Courses
$595/Course ($7,140 Total)
12 Months of Study on Average
100% Self-Paced and Online
Six Foundation Courses
Management & Organizational Behaviour
Approaches to Safety Management
Risk Assessment
Accident Causation & Investigation
Occupational Hygiene & Ergonomics
Environmental Management Foundations
Two Advanced Courses
Effective Workplace Training
Ergonomics Foundations
Four Elective Courses
Due Diligence & Compliance
Environmental Management Applications
Workplace Wellness
Emergency Planning
Total Quality Management
Program Ownership & Motivation
CHSEP Independent Study
Guided Praticum
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Diploma in Safety, Health & Environmental Management (SHEM)
Designed to provide existing safety practitioners with an academic qualification, SHEM is the first diploma level program offered online at this level. Students will find themselves stretched by new critical thinking skills which will bring an enriched professional perspective to their daily practice.
The SHEM diploma program produces graduates that confidently step into practitioner roles, ensuring the workforce is represented by professionals that don’t just bring life experience and motivation, but real, tangible educational credentials and skills.
The SHEM program consists of 8 courses and takes an average of 16 months to complete. The program is 100% online and students can opt to pay-per-course at $620/course.
Six Core Courses
Ergonomics Foundations
Psycho-Social Hazards
Environmental Management
Risk Assessment
Organizational Dynamics
Disability Management Introduction
Two Elective Courses
Advanced Ergonomics
Disability Management Essential Program Elements
Effective Communication and Interviewing
Organizational Dynamics
Canadian OHS Law
Find Out How the SHEM Program Can Advance Your OHS Career
Certified Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) Pathway
To be eligible for the CRSP /PSAC certification, candidates must have a combination of education, professional development, and experience. You will continue to pursue your career as a health and safety professional, while the UFred CRSP Pathway takes you through a combination of self-paced and instructor-led courses.
To learn more about the CRSP designation and requirements please visit the BCRSP website.
BCRSP Website
Meets All BCRSP Requirements
$605/Course ($13,315 Total)
Complete In Under 3 Years
Dedicated Student Support
The CRSP Pathway program combines the CHSEP & SHEM programs along with new modules to provide OHS professionals with all BCRSP educational requirements. Students who complete the CRSP Pathway will receive:

Certificate in Health, Safety & Environmental Processes

Diploma in Safety, Health & Environmental Management

Official Letter - Completion of 900 Hours of OHS Education

Start Working Towards Your CRSP Designation

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